Visionaries-Tuesdays 8pm
About Visionaries— Rock music is the most vital, unpredictable force and the exception to every rule. Like all great art, it speaks to your heart of hearts. The musicians and bands heard on Visionaries have inspired rock music in game-changing ways and...
Big Red’s Rock Show—Saturdays 8PM
About Big Red's Rock Show—Join host Tim, “Big Red”, Burch as he takes you on a fun-filled rock ride through hair bands, spandex, big earrings and the lipstick-wearing dudes of 80’s and 90’s rock. It’s like getting high-kicked in the face by David Lee...

Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival
APRIL 27TH & 28TH IN LEESBURG, VIRGINIASpring is here and so is the 29th annual Flower and Garden festival! The Flower and Garden Festival is not just about flowers—or gardening! The festival has many different parts and pieces and that’s what makes it...
Kensington Day of the Book Festival
Family friendly street festival spanning three blocks of Howard Avenue in the heart of historic Kensington. Come meet local authors, poets, children’s authors, literary and community organizations. Live music in several locations, special guest speakers,...
Gaithersburg Book Festival
MAY 18TH—A Celebration of Books, Writers & Literary Excellence. Join us for one of America's premiere book fairs. Since its inception in 2010, the Festival has quickly become one of the nation’s top literary events, attracting hundreds of award-winning...

Cerphe's Up—The Book

Cerphe’s Up: A Musical Life with Bruce Springsteen, Little Feat, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, CSNY, and Many More— Available in Hardcover, Kindle, Audio Book and CD.




Fabbioli Cellars

Bound by a common passion for fine wines, earth-friendly farming, and lasting friendships, everyone at Fabbioli Cellars revels in the challenges that each day brings, confident that their efforts will not only bring them closer together but will positively impact the experiences of each customer and the community while showcasing the best in Loudoun’s rural economy.


Potomac Vegetable Farms

This multi-farm collaboration brings you fresh ecoganic vegetables and fruits from June right through to Thanksgiving. All of the farms that help supply this CSA are whole heartedly committed to all aspects of sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land. Find out how to provide your family with the healthiest and most delicious local produce.



SATURDAYS 8PM—Join Tim "Big Red" Burch for a Rock-N-Roll Ride of Hair Bands and Heavy Metal. Brought to you in part by Deli South, Leesburg, Virginia. When you need a delicious sub in your mouth—go to Deli South!


MPR Alexa Skills

Now you can hear World Class Rock on your Alexa device 24x7. Want to know the name of a song? Say "Alexa, ask MusicPlanetRadio who sings this song?” while listening.

You can also add rock news and history to your Alexa Daily Flash briefings! Each day, Cerphe highlights current and historic music news!

Charm City Suites

The next time you’re planning a stay in Baltimore don’t make any reservations until you’ve checked out Charm City Suites, Baltimore’s premiere luxury private home short & long-term rental collection. With sleeping capacities of 4-16 people these properties are the perfect place for family vacations, reunions, get-a-way and sports weekends, business travel and corporate retreats.

Charm City Suites — Your Ultimate Home Away From Home

The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards

Set in the beautiful countryside of Hamilton, Virginia, The Barns’ offers a selection of it’s own award winning wines, great live music events and unique private event venues.


Check Out These Great Music Planet Radio Features

R.L. Remington & Jim Ebert

Cancer Can Rock was created to give gifted musicians diagnosed with aggressive cancer the opportunity to share their genius with the world through recorded medium. Cerphe is joined by co-founder, multi-platinum record producer Jim Ebert, himself a cancer...

Kasim Sulton

The legendary Kasim Sulton is one of my favorite bass players and is best known for his work with Todd Rundgren and Utopia. Also a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songweriter, he’s toured and recorded with Blue Öyster Cult, Meat Loaf, Hall...

Don’t Stop Believin’

20 years ago, television changed forever. On Jan. 10, 1999, HBO’s “The Sopranos” premiered, creating must-see cable TV. Listen to my interview with E Street Band member Little Steven Van Zandt (who played Silvio Dante in the series) on the day after The...

Michael André Fath: The Conversion of Ronnie Vee

Available in Kindle, Hardback & Soft Cover Cerphe talks with longtime friend, DC area musician and author, Michael André Fath about his latest novel, The Conversion of Ronnie Vee—a metaphysical journey of love, flesh, teeth, bone and fur that...

Rod Stewart

Cerphe talks with Rod about his ties to Washington, D.C., touring with The Faces and his long, legendary, successful music career.

Nancy Wilson of Heart

  Cerphe talks with Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Nancy Wilson of Heart about their live DVD, covering Led Zeppelin, touring and more.