Julie Urlaub Founder and Managing Partner

Julie Urlaub
Founder and Managing Partner

Taiga Company’s essence and inspiration comes from a love for our natural environment. The name “Taiga” comes from a biome that stretches across 11 percent northern hemisphere and makes up 27 percent of the world’s total forests. The taiga’s prodigious oxygen production literally changes the atmosphere and refreshes the planet. The work that we do at Taiga Company gives life to the brands that we collaborate with and contributes to a healthy environment, society, and bottom line. Our expertise in brand strategy and thought leadership, business development, social communications, marketing, and stakeholder relations make brands stronger, more strategic, more competitive, and better positioned to change the world.
Our Mission, Vision, and Work Are Guided by Four Key Principles:

We serve individuals and brands making a positive impact for society, environment, health, and business.

We empower clients to be more effective thought leaders, influencers for good, and change agents in their industry spaces.

We create strategies that build relationships with key stakeholders, increase brand exposure, & generate business and professional growth.

We specialize in social communications, stakeholder relations, marketing, brand strategy, and business development

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