Potomac Vegetable Farms has been growing and selling delicious and nutritious vegetables for over 50 years. We steward our land using organic practices, forgoing certification, and calling ourselves Ecoganic. We make our own rich compost, and apply rock powders, natural minerals and sea products to ensure that our food is nutrient dense. We use winter cover crops and summer green manure crops religiously to keep our soil microbes happy and healthy. We sell all of our produce through our two roadside stands, our CSA, and at the farmers markets we attend.

What is Ecoganic?

We are deeply committed to the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture: ecological soundness, economic viability, and social responsibility. As stewards of the land, our job is to make this land better than we found it, to provide nutritious delicious food, and to be good neighbors and citizens. Thus we farm our land using natural amendments, our specially made super deluxe controlled microbial compost (CMC), winter cover crops, crop rotation, and summer green manure crops. We use only natural methods (no synthetic/chemical sprays) to avoid and manage insects, weeds, and diseases. Our strategy with farming is the same as with our own bodies: preventing problems through healthy practices. Just as one might eat well, exercise plenty, drink lots of water, and get a good night’s sleep; we do all we can to enrich and enliven our soils so that our plants have every opportunity to thrive. We choose to call this style of agriculture Ecoganic.

What Is CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members participate in their own food supply by committing to share in the harvest of a local grower. By joining a CSA, you express your support for locally grown, ecoganic food, and to the farmers who grow it. A CSA creates a unique relationship between the consumers and the producers—nowadays, still not many people actually know the farmer who picked the tomatoes they are eating!

Community Supported Agriculture programs come in many forms. Essentially, the mission is to provide the farmers with well-timed support (in the form of early payment) so that the CSA member is part of the long process of getting food to the table. CSA members join up months and months before the first head of lettuce is picked, and the farmers are then able to keep paying the bills even while the seeds are just beginning to sprout, and there is nothing tangible to sell. In exchange, we give you the best of what we grow, all season long. To learn more about our CSA program and to join click here.

To learn more and to apply click here.

Root to Rise
A farm-based leadership week for young women ages 14-18

We are weaving together hands-on opportunities working with the strong women of this farm, as well as facilitating discussions to explore the socio-political complexities of our our food system and its effect on people and the environment. By integrating expressive arts, movement, sculpture, music, cooking, land-based crafts, and nature skills such as fire and cordage making, we aim to empower young women by realizing their connection to themselves, the earth and each other. We believe that combining the expressive arts, with practical hands on skills, and more theoretical understandings of the systems of the world- that together they provide a powerful grounding force and base of confidence, inspiration and vision for young women to move through the world and affect change. We want to train young women to be leaders in their communities, and to have the skills to critically and creatively think about how to transform the world into a more just, equitable and healthy place. We do this through the food system as our lens, and with our farm and surrounding woods as our classroom of practice and case study. Join us this summer!

Where To Find Us:

The main roadside stand is on Leesburg Pike (Route 7), four miles west of Tysons Corner in Fairfax County. The farm is on the south side of the road. Coming from the east, you must go past the farm, make a U-turn at Middleton Ridge Road and immediately get into the turn lane to make a right. From the west, we are two miles east of Baron Cameron Ave (Route 606)

The roadside stand is on the corner of Route 287 and John Wolford Road.

Our stand hours for Vienna:
Opening July 1. Tuesday through Friday 10 – 6, Saturday and Sunday 9 – 6

Our summer stand hours for Purcellville:
Opening June 2. Thursday/Friday 12 – 6:30, Saturday/Sunday 10 – 6:30