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Cerphe talks with longtime friend, DC area musician and author, Michael André Fath about his latest novel, The Conversion of Ronnie Vee—a metaphysical journey of love, flesh, teeth, bone and fur that transcends the reality of true love and the connection we have with God’s creations. Get ready for heartbreak, redemption, and brilliant storytelling.

Cerphe says: “You won’t be able to put this one down.”

Michael André Fath on The Conversion of Ronnie Vee

by Cerphe | Cerphe's Audio Vault

The Conversion of Ronnie Vee is about psychology professor Ronin Maximus Van Valkenburg, who left his idylic college positon, due to a tragic event with a student/protg of his, to return to high school as a guidance counselor for the senior class students. His absolute intention being to try and reach kids earlier in their adolecense to help prevent future suicides, he discovers that this was indeed his true calling.

The main characters remind you of what many have experienced, especially in similar stressful situations, of coping with life during those so important and formative years of late high school, college and beyond.

The Conversion of Ronnie Vee is actually two very separate stories that more or less parallel each other, ultimately converging into an unexpected climax. The age-old philosophical dilemma of right and wrong is front and center here, specifically paying attention to the resulting boundaries of ethical, legal and even spiritual behavior.

As well, the “parallel narrative” will hopefully convey Gods intention and design for man and animal, with their connections (some obvious, some not so) and those compelling, characteristic traits that are truly one and the same.

Lastly, this author is Southern, and infused are the usual suspects: romanticism, humor, tragedy and retribution, all requisite characteristics of any Southern story.

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Available in Kindle, Hardback & Soft Cover