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Don’t Stop the Music (USA) is a star-studded public media (TV, radio, community, live events and online) project that will provide students with the two cornerstones they need for a fully formed music education: experiences and equipment. The unique experiences Don’t Stop the Music will provide for the students are the spark to rekindle a love of learning music; the fuel will be the instruments the project collects, enabling this spark to grow and catch fire. One new instrument can serve five children; we are going to collect and distribute 50,000 instruments and benefit 250,000 children!

Inspired by the hit BBC program in which famed pianist James Rhodes led a “revolution” to revitalize music education in the UK, Don’t Stop the Music (USA) will tell stories that focus on the instruments, students, how music education influenced America’s leaders and, ultimately, stories that all reach the same conclusion: music education too important to sacrifice, and that to “save the music” our students need not only inspiring music experiences but also instruments on which to hone their skills. In 2014 WQXR launched a one-week musical instrument drive they hoped would garner 1,000 instruments; it instead collected over 3,000 and won praise from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and a host of celebrities from around the world. Don’t Stop the Music (USA) will serve as a launch pad to expand this effort nationwide and take unwanted and donated instruments and put them in the hands of the people who need them most – America’s children and educators.

Currently scheduled to air nationwide on public television and radio in 2016, with a concurrent instrument drive and numerous community and live events, culminating with an all-star concert to take place at NY’s famed Carnegie Hall, Don’t Stop the Music (USA) is about both big ideas and little gestures: it celebrates the art and passion of music; the giving spirit of Americans; the dreams of children and the importance of empowering students with the proper tools to chase their dreams. This star-studded special event will entertain, inform and uplift as it makes sure that music education and experience for our children and their children alike stays ingrained in the classrooms and culture of America.

Kickstarter Underway: Help bring this Emmy-Nominated BBC Series to America
Helping to Protect the Future of Music Education

There are multiple ways to become involved with this extraordinary project:

Donate to the Kickstarter

There are great donor benefits, (with new ones being added throughout the campaign) and 100% of the proceeds will be used as a launch pad to raise the full project budget. We need cash donations to meet our $50,000 goal. But we also need cool and/or unique items (e.g., tickets, memorabilia, experiences, etc.) that can be used as incentive prizes for cash donations. History shows that successful Kickstarter Campaigns start big and move quickly, so we need your support now.

Join the Team

If you’re interested in being a part of this program, we have a place for you on our team – on-camera, behind the scenes, in the community, fundraising, organizing, marketing and more.

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Don’t Stop the Music (USA)

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