Buta Biberaj leads with compassion and common sense solutions. Prosecuting violent crimes to keep us safe is her priority. She is a 23 year resident of Dulles and her law firm has been located in Leesburg since 1993. During her eleven years of service as a substitute judge, she presided over hundreds of criminal and civil cases. Buta has seen firsthand how economic and racial inequalities are created and reinforced by the criminal justice system – from how charges are selected, bond is determined, pleas are offered, and sentencing is argued. She will do the hard work of balancing safety and inclusiveness with the effective use of resources, so each person receives appropriate consequences and treatment under the law. .

Cerphe's Interview with Buta Biberaj

by Cerphe & Buta Biberaj | Vote Biberaj For Commonwealth's Attorney

She was born in Montenegro of Albanian parentage and raised in the Bronx borough of New York City. She graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Education in 1987 and received her J.D.from the George Mason University School of Law in 1993.
Buta Biberaj is a principal of the firm Biberaj Snow & Sinclair, PC and has been an attorney in Loudoun County since 1993. She is best known for her vigorous representation in the areas of criminal defense, DUI / DWI, juvenile defense, CPS investigations and appeals, civil litigation, and personal injury.

Growing up in the Bronx borough of New York City, Buta saw first-hand the inequities of the legal system. Her decision to become a lawyer was always with the intent to “change the world for the better.” Based on her integrity, character, and skill—in 2006 she was honored to be appointed as a Substitute Judge for the 20th Judicial District. During her eleven years of service, she presided over hundreds of criminal and civil cases.

Buta is committed to continuing her serving the whole community as she has done. She co-founded the Street Law Program, has served as a mentor for the Leadership in Law program, was a speaker and mentor for the Loudoun County Public Schools on Law Day, and is on the Board of Directors of the non-profit corporation A Advantage 4 Kids, Inc., an organization benefiting Northern Virginia families and children. She also serves as Loudoun NAACP Legal Redress Chairwoman.

As a trial lawyer and resident of Loudoun County for 25 years, Buta knows the value of transparency in our local criminal justice system. Transparency is hard work, but it must be done. Buta will engage the community and ensure better use of taxpayer dollars in smart and transparent ways. She will prioritize data collection and make that information readily available to the community. “Our community should understand the true costs of incarceration and weigh the values of diversion and prevention.” Buta will demand that the Commonwealth Attorney’s office operate with the utmost transparency focusing on helping jurors and the public understand the true cost of prosecutions to the County.

Integrity has been a guiding principle in Buta’s personal and professional life, and she will do what’s right to be a good steward of public funds and public trust. Elected to serve as Loudoun County Bar president in 2014, and having served as a Guardian Ad Litem for children for over 24 years, she understands that the Commonwealth’s Attorney sets the tone for the community in terms of following the law and doing her part as a citizen. After committing a crime, the guilty must pay the consequences. After they serve their time, the community deserves to have them return and be productive contributors. Buta will develop community synergies by collaborating with local businesses, mental health and the legal system to create re-entry opportunities for our returning citizens…because it is the right thing to do.