Submitted by Stuart W. of Vienna, Va.

By Helen Kruger, Music Planet Radio

Halley came to Jackson is both a song and a children’s book by Mary Chapin Carpenter about an incredibly rare and historic moment experienced together by a father holding his baby girl in his arms. Together in 1910 they witnessed the magic of Halley’s comet flashing through the night sky. And as the story goes some 76 years later, that baby girl now a much older woman returned to Jackson to see the phenomenon most people never see even once in a lifetime for a second time.

You wondered where its going and where its been
When Halley came to Jackson in 1910


Halley Came to Jackson

Written by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Late one night when the wind was still
Daddy brought the baby to the window sill
To see a bit of heaven shoot across the sky
The one and only time Daddy saw it fly

It came from the east just as bright as a torch
The neighbors had a party on their porch
Daddy rocked the baby, Mother said “amen”
When Halley came to visit in nineteen ten

Now back then Jackson was a real small town
And it’s not every night a comet comes around
It was almost eighty years since its last time through
So I bet your mother would’ve said “amen” too

As its tail stretched out like a stardust streak
The papers wrote about it every day for a week
They wondered where it’s going and where it’s been
When Halley came to Jackson in 1910

Now Daddy told the baby sleeping in his arms
To dream a little dream of a comet’s charms
And he made a little wish as she slept so sound
In nineteen eighty-six that wish came ’round

It came from the east, just as bright as a torch
She saw it in the sky from her daddy’s porch
As heavenly sent as it was back then
When Halley came to Jackson in nineteen ten
Late one night when the wind was still